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We’re constantly trying to help people as much as we can, everywhere we can.

For your problems, please try to use our Forum instead of e-mail, since our inbox is overflowing daily. We try hard to answer all e-mails within 24 hours, usually even faster. We’re normal people, just like everyone else, so we have busy lives too. Please bear with us.




Live Support: (Read THIS, please)


If you need help with something that can’t be handled through e-mail, feel free to contact our Live Support. To contact our Live Support, go to and click the “Live Support” icon under the menu, when it says “Online”. They’ll guide you further.

The Live Support through will be online at random times almost daily. The maximum amount of people that can request help at once, is three. So, when 3 people are before you, a message will appear. Just wait a few minutes until you’re connected.

Our Live Support has 2 departments:

Technical Staff: for if you’re having problems with our downloads. (Or anything else)

TeamViewer: see below.

Live Support (Read THIS, please)

TeamViewer / Live Screen Service

It’s easier for you and for us to use our TeamViewer Service for certain problems. It works like this: you download a program called TeamViewer from the following link:

There’s no need to install the program, just run it. Give your ID and Password, shown when you start TeamViewer, to the staff member guiding you. The program lets the staff member guiding you control your mouse for a certain time.This way we can install games or fix other problems on your PC. You can stop the service at any time by just moving your mouse. When you do so, the person guiding you can’t move it any more. Also, you can ask the person guiding you to stop the service at any time without a reason. You’ll be given all the information needed. Don’t worry, just sit back and watch how your problem(s) are being fixed!

Contact information in a QR code

If you want to have our contact information directly into your smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry etc.), then just scan the QR code below, using a QR code reader.

If you don’t know anything about QR codes or QR readers, please search Google for more information.

“The key to success is listening to people and helping them in                    a kind, nice and, of course, free way.” “We are honest and trustworthy people.”