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Store Fixes

Since Kissing_toast (MATY) stopped updating his Store Fixes, we’ll continue with homemade Store Fixes here. The Store Fixes fix problems with in-game premium items and they also fix some other item-related issues. Since the original files are very confusing to apply, we’ve created this easy-to-follow “Store Fixes” file, with instructions included. (As usual)

NOTE: The Store Fixes are often updated, so be sure to re-download them from this page from time to time!

Item name


Download link

The Sims 3 “Store Fixes”

Last updated on: 17-08-2014

Click here to download

If you downloaded and applied the Store Fixes before 7-07-2013, remove the old one COMPLETELY, including all applied files. After that download the latest version from the download link above and use that one instead!
Also, if you have a file called "StoreFix_DecrapFixes_TEMP.package", remove it!